hotel Vojvodina history

Hotel Vojvodina was built in 1854. The first name of the hotel was Empress Elizabeth and then Queen Mary. From 1748 andfor the next 100 years, the owners of the monopoly city brewery were Mihael Braunraš, Franc Vurmb, Simeon Perišić, Petar Saranda. After the 1849 bombing, only the ruins remained, and they were bought by Johan Eigler. Those ruins were transformed to an elite hotel on the same plot and named him "Jelisaveta" after the wife of Francis Joseph.

Its late-classicist primary exterior, as well as its interior, have not been significantly altered to this date. A street façade more than 60m wide, with 24 vertical openings is among the most striking in the old city center.

"Elizabeth" was one of the favorite places for gathering of the gentlemen of Novi Sad.

When King Alexander Karadjordjevic married Romanian Princess Maria, the hotel changed her name to "Queen Mary" in her honor.

The next owner, Gedeon Dundjerski, never worked in the hotel business, so he leased the building to Freud and his sons, and later to Kark Scholz. The hotel has been touted as the most modern in the city, with 60 modern rooms, hot and cold water, a separate bathroom, the best cuisine and a large selection of first-class wines.

In the interwar period, next to the tavern by the street aisle, were the perfume shop "Lukac" and the textile shop of the Prodanovic family, while in the right wing was exclusively the "Yellow Hall". The central part of the ground floor of the hotel was occupied by a café, where intense social life took place.

After World War II, the hotel was nationalized, receiving the new and nowadays current, local-patriotic name "Vojvodina".